June 2010 - Spring Art Show - Stanwood/Camano Island WA

and surrounding area

In a mixed media Spring Art Show, Ron won first place in the Photography Division with his photo of the Trumpeter Swans, titled "Elegant Precision".

Ron also won "Best of Show" (which covers all the mediums of art; oils, watercolors, sculpture, glassworks, jewlery, photography, pastels, etc.) for the entire show, with his photo of the Trumpeter Swans titled "Flight".



Capturing art in
the blink of an eye

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Staff Reporter for the Stanwood/Camano News (February 24, 2009)

Ron Southworth, of Camano Island, has indulged his love for photography as a hobby for more than three decades. However, it was just a few years ago that he decided to enter the professional photography arena.

“I love the thrill and the adventure,” said Southworth. “I love going for pictures that are not easily attained.” Southworth credits encouragement from family and friends for giving him the extra push to throw his hat in the ring as a professional landscape and portrait photographer. “They gave me the belief that my stuff could pass muster,” he said.

Southworth took photography classes in college and learned the technical skills needed to take and process photographs from film. Over time, he has witnessed the photography change from film cameras needing developing to digital images that can be viewed instantly.

“With digital, you get immediate feedback,” he said. “You know whether or not you got the shot you wanted.” Editing programs and instant printing have taken the art of photography to a new level, said Southworth. “The thrill is to take a landscape, and by use of light, create an artwork,” said Southworth. Taking photography beyond the hobby stage comes with unique challenges. “I feel that a good landscape photograph is more than just a picture of a place I have visited,” he said. “It involves two important parts — the art and the craft.”

Sometimes, getting the right shot also means getting a little wet. A trip to Punchbowl Falls, in the Columbia River Gorge, nearly resulted in Southworth taking an unscheduled swim with his camera. “I had to be extremely careful walking out into the creek,” Southworth recalled. “I nearly slipped on the smooth rocks that lined the bottom.”

In one image, Southworth captures a fleeting moment when an errant ray of sunshine illuminated the falls and made the water seem like liquid sunshine crashing on the rocks below. “Landscape photography is like that,” he said. “It’s the patience and perseverance to stay on a subject until you catch that perfect moment.”

Although he has a list of American places he would like to photograph, Southworth said that he doesn’t need to board a plane to shoot some of his favorite subjects. “It’s nice to be able to live within a day’s trip of beautiful places,” said Southworth. “Puget Sound, the Cascades, Mount Rainier — they’re all easily accessible.”

Southworth said he would like to continue his passion for photography for the rest of his life. “My motivation in doing this is about love and passion — and sharing it with other people,” he said.

To view Ron Southworth’s photography, visit www.ronsouthworth. com or call him at 387-2530.
Reporter Rick Wood: 629- 8066 ext. 104 or rwood@scnews. com.