I have discovered that trying to tell you something about myself is much more difficult than telling you why I have such a passion for photography. I have been a hobbyist photographer most of my life. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I decided to make it a serious hobby. With the encouragement of friends and family, I decided to enter the professional photography arena, which included the creation of this website, so that I could better share my passion for photography with others.

My love of photography rests with landscape and portrait photography. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose landscape photography. Recording the stunning beauty of the earth via the camera lens, is always an adventure for me. Then what makes it most rewarding is to witness the joy it brings others as I share my photos with them.

Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, in the State of Washington, most of my photos are of Washington and Oregon. I have a long list of places that I would love to visit and photograph. There is an un-ending array of beautiful places in this world, and I could spend a lifetime trying to photograph just a small portion of them.

Without light, everything would be lifeless.....both in a literal sense as well as an artistic sense. Capturing the different moods, nuances and energy of light, has become a passion for me. The elements of nature are rarely static, and being able to capture the essence of a moment in time and space, takes more than just a snap of a shutter.....it involves both technical and asthetic considerations.

Since light is such a fleeting thing, these moments of magic change from moment to moment. Each photo tells a story and the treasures that await us are never the same.....patience is truly a virtue for the landscape photographer. I look on each photography outing as as "Adventure." There is always something new and beautiful to see over the next horizon. My wife Carolyn is always at my side with her camera in hand and it is something that we thoroughly enjoy doing together.

I feel that a good landscape photograph is more than just a picture of a place I have visited. It involves two important parts; the art and the craft. The adventure of photography is the process of using both the art and the craft to create an image which not only affects us visually but also stirs our hearts with deeply felt emotions.

The artistic side of photography is paying attention to your inner vision and bringing to the photograph your own personal emotions about a scene. Without this, pictures end up looking flat and lifeless. The craftsman side of photography involves knowing how to control the tools of photography: lenses, camera, light and exposure.

In this age of computer-manipulated images, I feel strongly that my photographs should be a pristine accurate portrayal of exactly what the camera recorded when I tripped the shutter. Although rare, if I do manipulate an image, I will always clearly state that I have. Please note; it is common for me to use digital technology to remove from an image unwanted digital artifacts, objects or reflections that are not part of the natural scene. Digital technology is used only to return a scene to the natural conditions of Mother Nature and the stunning beauty that my eyes witnessed when I recorded that image.

For whatever it is worth, I use a Nikon digital SLR camera with both Nikon and Carl Zeiss lenses. Photography is all about controlling the quality of light. To control light with landscape photography I regularly use two filters; a polarizing filter and a variety of neutral density filters. The polarizing filter helps to reduce glare, increase color saturation and contrast. Neutral density filters do not alter the natural colors of a scene in anyway. Neutral density filters are exclusively used to control exposure.